A new way to purchase products based on the lowest unique bid auction concept.

A member can place a number of bids. The person who places the lowest unique bid is the winner and can buy the product at that price.

Winning Bid - The Lowest Unique Bid
Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD
Auction closed on:
25/08/2016 21:00:00
Sold for £ 0.05
Apple TV
Auction closed on:
25/08/2016 19:00:00
Sold for £ 0.21
£100 Amazon Vouchers
Auction closed on:
24/08/2016 21:00:00
Sold for £ 0.07
Nikon Coolpix L27 Camera
Auction closed on:
24/08/2016 19:00:00
Sold for £ 0.04
Xbox One
Auction closed on:
23/08/2016 21:00:00
Sold for £ 0.13